Samantha Harvey is a video artist who has recently graduated from MA Photography at Central Saint Martins, currently based in London. She uses video art with a ‘pop’ aesthetic as a bridge to combine open source software and data to create works that are culturally relevant and thought provoking. Combining moving image, sound and photography that can be used across ever shifting platforms in our digital and physical worlds.

Aiming to create new dialogues between the artist and the viewer that are available through this technological era, Harvey recognises the shift in tools that are needed for our accelerated informational driven climate.

Mirrors is an ongoing platform aimed at helping young people reflect on their inner thoughts and promote positive mental health through digital art. Mirrors aims to use new tools, activities and technologies that are more in line with how young people interact and express themselves today.


A new film project, We Exist Between Layers of the Surface

With performer @lenaheubusch
music: #ps #SOULLESSSAVV #GraffitiMechanism #Anitek
Original beach footage: #VíctorMontes

Screenings include -
Furtherfield Gallery - Part of Are We All Addicts Now
With Katriona Beales and Fiona MacDonald
29 September 2017

Sluice screenings curated by Neale Willis
Sat 30 September 2017

The Bomb Factory, part of The Artist Film Festival IV
September 2017

Interactive web art iSurrender on Flee Immediately  
Issue 02-Dance and Code
Find it here:

Full video:

#danceandcode #danceandtechnology #berlin

Part of TN Contemporary projected five stories high against a downtown office building in Chattanooga, US.
Installation shots from Central Saint Martins MA Photography Degree Show 2016. 

Works included: 
When You Realise Your Hands Aren’t Real
The Moment We Are Blind
Lost Self / Shiver

Creators VICE
Artslant Interview

8th 2016 ArtSlant Prize Showcase Winner

#TFW105 - What Happens When...  Powrplnt, Brooklyn NY

Trireme (Perchance to Dream)
Music - Trireme (Perchance to Dream) by The Fucked Up Beat

West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival 
Artists' Film Biennial: "Outside" ICA London
#ADAF2016 12th Athens Digital Arts Festival

Star Miner
Music: 'Star Miner' by SLATE || SenSe V.A 05

Music: '∑HËN φ ƒÅlıs' - William du Toit

An open source film, with open access for anyone to download and share (non-commercially) as they wish. The intention of the film is to create an environment in which it occupies of empathy and compassion. borderline_ voices my own despair in reflecting the world that surrounds me through the medium of video and sound.

Show online as part of The – REFUGEE – Film Collection
Screened at North East Hill University, Shillong, India.