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Samantha Harvey is an artist-technologist with a special interest in portraiture and transformations of the self. She is interested in the brain-mind connection, and particularly how thought can shape our reality. Looking for methods to explore the embodiment of these ideas actively through her work, and to communicate this cross-culturally and telepathically.

Portraits allow Harvey to look at the ‘whole’ person, as a method of study and deconstruct what this is. Looking into all aspects to create a portrait with the information we have access to. This looks beyond the physical representation of the self and explores areas that go past our 3D vision.

This brings potential collaborations of incorporating other technologies and fields of research. Such as scientific research in neuroscience that goes deeper into understanding the mind. Areas of interest have included the plasticity of the mind and MRI scans of the brain showing how different parts of our brain connect in consciousness compared to in sleep or when we are unconscious. Considering new areas of research Harvey weaves this awareness into the visual outcomes of her work. Other fields of interest include computing, looking at AI, networks and cybernetics to see how these have unsurfaced insights into the human mind. Giving rich material to reflect in Harvey’s work. The portraits that Harvey creates are not of a specific individual, but of a growing understanding of the self, as a human and how this could look, and the transformational possibilities this could embody. Also incorporating materials into her work that can best visualise a specific frame of reference that might include 3D models, glitch, animations, re-mixing, video, computer art, digital photography or data visualisation.

A particular area of interest for Harvey is the connection between thought, mind and the brain. Current computational models of thought and synthetic consciousness models using AI such as DeepMind, AlphaGo and DeepDream bring to light revelations of how thought might work. Harvey visually explores this research by asking what this means to the individual’s conscious experience. And how do patterns of thought affect the brain-mind reality. Reflected in her image making, statements and titles about her work. 

The works are digital and majority based on the web, as Harvey sees these as living portraits. They have to grow and be able to expand. This is possible through the internet, hashtags and the digital medium. The works are share-a-like licensed to be shared and talked about as gifs, jpegs and video, available on Harvey’s website and social media pages. Pulsing, rhythmic, quivering, shaking and spasming. They exist as points of interference, to spark intrigue and fuel enquiry of what a human can be.