Samantha E Harvey


An Eye Fell Through the Cracks, Digital Photography, 3D, 2019.
Capturing an eye that can see multi-dimensional planes within different spectrums of visibility. Playful and nonsensical, that could be seen as fantastical I wanted to speculate on what we will be able to see with increasing technological vision and a fine tuning into our own tools of seeing.

Featured as part of Spread the Virus Vol.2 with Dateagle Art and Offsite Project. A year long monthly curatorial project co-organised with an invited guest curator, culminating in an online exhibition of 12 artists.

Music: Particles by Parvus Decree

A way to enter different worlds that already exist within our mind, and what are the boundless potentials of the mind we are yet to explore. Seeing how we can access these using new technological methods.

Stills featured in:
Important Magazine | Biodigitally curated by Zaiba Jabbar
Href Zine - a zine on technology, xyber*feminism, net culture

The World is a Hologram | 15th Athens Digital Arts Festival
November 2019

Auto Tune My Senses
Music: Watching You Watching Me feat Andrew Purcell by Quiet Music for Tiny Robots

A video trying to comprehend the advancements of algorithmic tracking technology in a visual accessible language, and what it means for the human within that. Becoming quantified sets of data through tracking programmes, using available videos online that showcase the technology on YouTube. These studies rarely imply what effects they will have on the individual themselves or the implications of consent, and if and how this is given.

Featured in Issue 5 - isthisit?
Launched in conjunction with 'Terms and Conditions May Apply' at Annka Kultys Gallery - 2018

Asphyxiated Algorithms 
Music: Evolution of the Algorithmic Elites by Jeff Gburek & Filippo Panichi

I believe in the power of the smartphone in hand, its grip of dominant invisible tentacles wrapping themselves around my heart, self-control and nerves. Attaching itself to the very core of my belief system. 

It says something about technology but also our asphyxiated (inhibited) behaviour comes from deep within us, from a place of being locked on to our own desire, strangeness and absurdities.

Full accompanying text piece here

Exhibited at G_url 2.0 Technotopia
SLUICE Projects - 2018

to thaw ☇ to melt ⌖ to breathe
music: Scott Lawlor ‘the path of icy solitude’

An art project made specifically for YouTube. Blending together visuals, found and my own, sounds and music. To find rhizomatic ways to express ourselves through technological advancements and see what happens when you join disjointed media together. Using what already exists in the world to re-see what we might have missed. Investigating themes of femininity, feeling unseen and the delicacy of fragility. There is not a conventional start and finish as it is an ongoing investigation, more interested in the process than the final result.

Screened at Wandsworth Art Fringe, Art Lacuna with Agora Arts Circle, 2018

The Moment We Are Blind
From a 5-part installation at Central Saint Martins MA Photography Degree Show 2016

The series questions whether it is possible to emulate non-physical sensations that remain unseen. Taking inspiration from science fiction, philosophy, and quantum leap theory. Such as Metzinger’s The Ego Tunnel and Peter Watt’s Firefall. Seeking to investigate the effect that occurs when mental sensations become visible through the physicality of the self.

Works from the series include: When You Realise Your Hand’s Aren’t Real, The Moment We Are Blind, Lost_Self / Shiver, Fireflies

8th 2016 ArtSlant Prize Showcase Winner

Creators VICE
Artslant Interview

ADAF: Singularity NOW - Athens Digital Arts Festival 2018
#TFW105 - What Happens When... Powrplnt, Brooklyn NY

Burst LDN 2020
Low Profile Studios, London N4

Interactive web art iSurrender part of Flee Immediately | Issue 02 | Dance and Code—The browser is the stage, the design the dance floor, the music is the rhythms between the codes, browsers, designs, bodies and movements.

iSurrender projected five stories high against a downtown office building in Chattanooga, US as part of TN Contemporary

Trireme (Perchance to Dream)
Music - Trireme (Perchance to Dream) by The Fucked Up Beat

Looking at new technologies such as 3D scanning and heavily influenced by the YouTube generation and how we access news. Trireme (Perchance to Dream) is a paradoxical, melting and uncomfortable medley of visuals. Propositioning the viewer with these 3D empty ‘shells’ or ‘skins’ of objects, to see if the real-life people we view on YouTube are viewed any differently, or if they are seen as one and the same thing. Asking if the artistic generation can answer this gap between the virtual and physical, to get closer to real empathy when interacting with the digital, or whether this is even a desired outcome.

West Virginia Mountaineer Short Film Festival
Artists' Film Biennial: "Outside" ICA London
#ADAF2016 12th Athens Digital Arts Festival

Music: ∑HËN φ ƒÅlıs - William du Toit

An open source film, with open access for anyone to download and share (non-commercially) as they wish. The intention of the film is to create an environment in which it occupies of empathy and compassion. It addresses with conflicting breaking down images a positive voice, looking at the refugee and immigration crisis, and closing of borders happening currently across the world, but particularly looks at my own experience in the UK and relation to this. Using new technologies to try to communicate on an individual scale, to create an overall wider and deeper network of ideas.

Shown online as part of The – REFUGEE – Film Collection
Screened at CeC 2016 Shillong, India and CologneOFF 2016 India