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As a digital artist it is hard to find the balance between creating open source work and earning enough money to have a good work - life balance. Often I create prints of my videos for exhibitions and publications, and I would like to now release these prints as affordable items for the home. And hopefully as I way I can stop relying on part-time jobs that take me away from being creative.

✧ Each print is £25

✧ Comes as a standard 8’ x 10’ C-type print on gloss photo paper

✧ Open edition (which means I will never limit the amount I print)

Each image is a still frame taken from one of my videos, or a photo I have taken as part of my thought process. They are fragments of a moment in time, frozen to have as a physical piece of my moving digital work.

To order:

Go to Paypal.me (PayPal is the only method of payment I am taking at the moment)

E-mail me:
  • Which print you would like
  • How many
  • Your address

Add up the total amount plus shipping for your country (You can have as many items as you like with one shipping amount)

UK Shipping - £1
EU - £2.50
International - £3.50

Then order! All items will be shipped within 8-10 working days from when I receive the payment

An example would be:

Print: no1 
Amount: 2
Address: ....... (fill your address)
Total amount: £50 + £1 (UK shipping)
= £51

E-mail me for any questions

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